Nothing Will Change

22 dead. Young girls will make up a significant proportion of the dead. 50 injured.

It’ll be confirmed as Islamist before the end of the day. And likely someone known to the intelligence services. And it’ll likely be homegrown.

There’ll be the backlash against Muslims by a few idiots. There’ll be a bigger backlash against those idiots. Nothing will change. Prejudices will be confirmed by everyone from every side. And instead of much being done the focus will be on the reverberating backlashes.

Nothing will change. The police and security services will learn some lessons. A politician or senior figure might retire. But at the cost of 19 dead and 50 injured no one will notice.

Nothing will change. Except for the families of the dead and wounded. Their worlds have changed but the focus will be on the noise and fury around them rather than any serious support given to them. Every side will use them as chess pieces.

Nothing will change. You can see that as a mantra of weakness or strength. Nothing will change, because the UK is too strong to be changed by terrorism. Nothing will change, because we don’t know how to face up to a generational, existential challenge like this any longer and don’t have the stomach to try.