Mr President

So… Trump has won.

Is everyone really as surprised as my Twitter and Facebook feed suggest?

Yes, Trump has won. I believe that he has won for a few reasons mostly, that the public (wherever this may be) are fed up of the politics of modern society. Political correctness allowing the majority to be pushed around, lying and ‘pussy footing’ around important questions. Trump for all of his flaws at least doesn’t care about what he says. He says what he thinks (however bad his thoughts might be).

I will get called sexist for saying this (because people only read what they want to) but I am glad that Hillary is not the first female president. If this criminal who is also a compulsive liar had been the first female president it would have meant that no woman would be allowed in the presidents chair for a hundred years. She would have ended up embarrassing women everywhere, and especially embarrassed women in power.

Reading the news, outlets discuss how Trump has never been involved in politics or is a ‘political outsider’ how is this relevant. People who take up being a politician should simply want to stand for something, some set of beliefs, this is what should make them qualified (if the public votes them in) not how many years they have been standing in the shadow of some other politician.

People this side of the pond discussed how Hillary would have been the ‘lesser’ of two evils. Why not send that whole idea to hell and not let there be only two people that are ‘evil’ onto the ballots?


My question to anyone who riots in this modern day US is why?

Americans are so patriotic… why?

Americans live in a FREE country… really?

Americans always boast this point, that they live in a free country, we all know that this is a load of crap.

Freedom of speech in america is only a licence to get sued.

The police in america shoot people because that is all that they have been taught, they don’t get training on how to subdue a person without lethal force. Which is a serious problem, the solution to which is not going out and endangering the lived of more police officers with violent protest. The solution should be a peaceful one and should be talking to the powers that be rather that hurting working Americans.

Violence begets more violence.

America, train your police better, teach respect for police to the young (but know that this respect must be earned from the public).

STOP SHOOTING PEOPLE! Carry a taser gun.

The selfish doctors


Junior doctors strike action…

The junior doctors will soon have a worse public opinion than tube drivers. This is because when the tube drivers go on strike all that happens is that people are late to work. Junior doctors striking will cause deaths!

Yes, they have gone on strike before, but not for a 5 day stretch.

In the public sector people are given a hell of a lot more cushion than anyone in the private sector. Yet all we ever hear is people in the public sector complaining!

The amount of junior doctors that voted to support this strike action (which isn’t even what happened, they voted to reject the contracts) is less than half of all junior doctors. Yet they will tarnish the entire reputation of out NHS, our ‘world renowned’ NHS.

If these junior doctors had to go and work in another industry for just one week, working in shift environments, they would probably strike after the first day, all they are is selfish and pathetic people who work in better conditions than most other people. They are willing to hurt a large amount of people to line their pockets.

I hope that the deaths that occur directly due to under-staffing during this strike can be counted, and that it be the most published statistic for a long while afterwards so that the selfishness of these junior doctors can be highlighted.

My message to the junior doctors that support strike action is ‘grow-up’.

Conservative Leadership

Who should lead the party. I am not going to say just yet who I think should lead.

However I believe that the next leader should be a good ‘front’ for the Conservative Party. They should be someone who when they speak people listen, regardless of personal politics, someone that is proud to be British, someone who supported Brexit.

Someone who supported Brexit is the most important factor when the next Tory leader is decided. The next leader needs to firstly put in place actions that will allow for a smooth retreat from the EU, but also be happy about it and push forward. Looking to our great nation our Great Britain and making us just that, like we have been in the past.

Brexit Continued


My main question at the moment is what kind of person do we want negotiating for our Brexit.

I have heard rumors of a previous Prime Minister perhaps being a good candidate, and in all honesty I believe he could be. I also believe that a certain male candidate for leader of the Tories would be a good candidate to head the negotiations.

Whoever it is that leads negotiations what I want is for the discussions to be transparent. a word that the EU hates. The EU will not want the public knowing what kind of lobbying is happening in Brussels behind closed doors to ensure that big business gets the best out of Brexit rather than the UK citizens. Nether the less this is what I believe is paramount

So… the pound is down. What does this mean to the rest of the world? Apart from the obvious import benefits for them and our export benefits.

Surely the Germans must be over producing their cars to ship out to the US ASAP?

The Euro and Sterling have lost value in the last few days against the Dollar. More importantly for the USA in this instance is that the Euro is a currency that historically rallies quickly and when it does the US stock market starts to decline quite quickly.

Whatever happens over the next few days I really do hope that Scotland stops this talk of a new independence referendum. The main argument I hear from them is that the Scottish people voted to remain. NO. A large amount of people who live in Scotland that still remains in the UK voted to remain. Now on top of that argument I hear that politicians are talking about their independence vote and how the remain side at that point wanted to make it clear that Scotland’s position in the EU would be secured. I feel like politicians are insulting the intelligence of the Scots when they say things like that.


Leaving the EU


I am reading statements from leaders all over Europe, and hearing people in this country saying the following. ‘I have lost my European citizenship’ or something along those lines.

Since when did people (not just British) lose their national pride.

The Scots will say they want to remain part of the EU. Can we please look back at their own referendum. The Scots voted to remain as part of the United Kingdom, I was happy with this result as I did not think it was in Scotland’s best interest to leave. However, if they had been successful they would have been out of the as it is the UK that is part of the union not the individual states that make up the UK. Why is Scotland so overly presumptuous that they will be allowed to stay? Do they even meet the criteria for a member state?

I wonder why people have so little trust in the UK as a whole. Why do people think that the world is going to just shut us out?

A second referendum will be an insult to the entire voting population. I don’t believe you can complain about the outcome after the fact and then start to hand pick demographics that heavily voted to strengthen your argument. David Cameron yesterday said that he does not believe there should be a second referendum and he is right. Cameron stated that the house had already voted on whether or not younger people should be able to vote and the vote was nay.

For my vote I will be called a racist. Why? I don’t want to stop the flow of people coming here, i just don’t want people to come here without a job. I know there are so many talented people (not British) here and I want them to stay, I don’t want them to feel unwelcome. When I voted I knew I wasn’t voting for the campaign slogans. I was voting for the government to regain the right to govern again.





I am a young person that lives in London. Recently as you will be aware there was a significant vote in the UK. Should we stay in the EU or should we Brexit.

My view was in the majority. I voted to leave the EU. Since doing this I have received a large amount of abuse for my decision.

I voted to leave. Not because I am a racist. Not because I am a xenophobe.
I voted to leave because I am proud to be British. I believe that we have enough intelligence to decide on all of our laws. I believe we have the know-how to remain the 5th largest economy in the world, and improve on that. I believe that we are a great country and one that should never let the EU be in control of any part of our great country.

Since we voted, the remain side has gone on the offensive acting like the outcome was unfair and that it is the end of the world.

On Friday, I woke up, went to work, and went home. Just as I did the day before and the day before that. The world did not end. We are still in the EU. All that happened is the majority has told the government that we would like to leave.

We now have Sturgeon standing up and saying that Scotland will not stand for this… She is an opportunist who does not respect democratic process. Scotland voted to remain part of the UK. This decision was made by the majority, which means that whatever the UK has done and will do from that point on are the decisions that Scotland will have to live with. We have now voted that we would like to leave the EU, she should not and cannot expect a second referendum on their independence and should not think that she has any power to influence what will come.

I have seen on Facebook, events for a march against Brexit. Do these people not realise that the majority voted to leave? this means that most people that voted would not like to remain in the EU. Just because you didn’t get your way you are now acting like children. Grow Up.

I voted to leave. I am young. I am ashamed of everyone who is insulting people for their political views. I am ashamed that people have so little faith in the majority, I am ashamed that people have so little faith in the UK.

Be proud to be here, be proud to be British and most of all, be proud that we are brave enough to leave the EU.