Jeremy Corbyn – a brief history of racism

Jeremy Corbyn is a racist. Margaret Hodge says so. The Jewish newspapers in the UK say so. Anyone sane with the ability to read says so.

But where is the evidence, I hear a thousand Corbynites shriek? Here. Below. Thirty separate events that are either concerning or outright racist, all of which point to a pattern of behaviour that shows disdain for Jewish concerns, a need to silence Jewish voices, and a hatred of Israel.

This is an homage to this piece by Guido on the 100 times Corbyn supported terror.


Event Description Link
1 Leaving the chamber as Jewish female MPs were talking about their abuse at the hands of his fans CityAM
2 Praised release of Hamas terrorists on PressTV Express
3 Implied Israel was involved in false flag attacks against itself – knew instantly Israel was behind attacks, still thinks Russia is innocent Jpost
4 Hosted Raed Salah Guardian
5 Hosted Auschwitz to Gaza event & had police remove Jews from the event JC
6 Tried to get Holocaust Memorial day renamed Times of Israel
7 Compared Gaza to Stalingrad The Times
8 Failed to adopt IHRA definition Conversation
9 Accused a female Jewish MP of dual loyalties Jewish News
10 Listened to Peter Wilsman and said nothing New Statesman
11 Failed to kick Ken Livingstone out of the party Bbc 
12 Hounded Margaret Hodge within hours Guardian
13 Went after Ian Austin within hours Guardian
14 Whitewash Chakrabarti report Telegraph
15 Gaslit Jews by claiming their concerns were overblown Guardian
16 Two days later he said no one should dismiss their concerns – after dismissing their concerns Guardian
17 Spent the 80s calling Zionism racism Twitter
18 Asked Jewish groups about releasing an article on Friday, then ignored them ITV
19 Jewdas Seder FT
20 The mural he defended Guardian
21 Laid a wreath to the memory of a Munich attacker Times of Israel
22 Failed to take any action against racist Chris Williamson Twitter
23 Attacked Israel for defending itself – failed to criticise Palestinians JC
24 Called Hamas and Hezbollah friends You Tube
25 Attended Hezbollah rallies Daily Mail
26 Met with President Assad The Times
27 Attacked Jewish journalist for criticising him Times of Israel
28 Member of Palestine Live Huffington Post
29 Says Israel is deliberately targeting civilians You Tube
30 Is OK with Israel being called a disease Torch

I am not a journalist. I’m a researcher in the energy sector. The journalists I follow are far better at this than I am, and they could probably get this up to a nice, even 100.

The Leader of the Opposition is a racist.

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