Corbyn’s History

Here follows a very short summary of the myriad ways in which Corbyn is a wrong-un. None of this is a smear. None of this is untrue. Corbyn actively supports anyone who hates the West. Nick Cohen, who was way ahead of everyone on the depravity of the left with What’s Left, wrote it better than anyone else could.

A chorus of approval from ignorant cliché-mongers accompanied Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour’s leader. He was authentic. He was not afraid to say what he thought. He was not the creation of focus groups and media manipulators, but an honest man making a new politics.

Every claim they made was false. Jeremy Corbyn and the left he comes from cannot campaign for office by saying what they really think or they would horrify the bulk of the population. They say enough to keep their ‘base’ happy, and then dodge and twist when they speak to the rest of us. Far from being authentic, Jeremy Corbyn is one of the most dishonest politicians you will see in your lifetime.

The picture at the top – sure, let’s speak in front of a flag that represents gulags, genocide, democide, famine, war, misery. Communism killed 100 million in the last century. Not enough for him apparently.


Aside from voting against bombing them, aside from saying joining ISIS is a political act and shouldn’t be prosecuted, he blames the west for their attacks on us


His support for the brutal Castro regime and praise for a dead dictator.


A regime that regularly hangs gay people from cranes. Corbyn doesn’t mind, he’s happy to take their money. Anything to fund the revolution, comrade.

Saluting Iran – The same Iran that enjoys murdering gays and suppressing opposition.

Taking money (£20k) from Press TV – Yup. The moral Corbyn is fine taking money from a regime that hangs gays from cranes and was at the time trying to develop nukes to wipe out Israel. Press TV is also now banned in the UK because it’s pure propaganda.


His long founded and well-documented support for the IRA, during the worst of the Troubles, from his funneling of money to Sinn Fein, his inviting of terrorists to parliament after the Brighton bombing, after the Canary Wharf and Manchester bombings… His opposition to the Anglo-Irish Agreement.


Who needs more? Oh wait.


Calling for them to be removed from the banned list.

“It will be my pleasure and honor to host an event in Parliament where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking,” Corbyn said in the clip. “I’ve also invited our friends from Hamas to come and speak as well. … So far as I’m concerned, that is absolutely the right function of using Parliamentary facilities.”

That’s pretty unequivocal.


Currently collapsing under the weight of socialism, with people eating their pets and flamingos – but naturally, Corbyn praised Chavez and Chavismo. Even Labour Uncut have a go at Corbyn for his support of Venezuela


He remained on the Stop the War Coalition after they called for the murder of British soldiers. He later became Chairman.

“The Stop the War Coalition (StWC) reaffirms its call for an end to the occupation, the return of all British troops in Iraq to this country and recognises once more the legitimacy of the struggle of Iraqis, by whatever means they find necessary, to secure such ends”. Statement issued by the officers of the Stop the War Coalition, signed by Lindsey German, Convenor, and Andrew Murray, Chair of the StWC.

What more do you need?



He couldn’t even support the right anti-apartheid movement, too mainstream, too hipster for him. Idiot. He had to support the ‘one settler, one bullet’ side of the movement.

His allies

The idiocy, the awfulness of his comrades is also well documented. From Andrew Murray, Diane Abbot, John McDonnell, Ken Livingstone, Seumas Milne, George Galloway… he surrounds himself with anti-Semites and people who actively hate and want to destroy the UK. Damned by association? Absolutely.

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