Mr President

So… Trump has won.

Is everyone really as surprised as my Twitter and Facebook feed suggest?

Yes, Trump has won. I believe that he has won for a few reasons mostly, that the public (wherever this may be) are fed up of the politics of modern society. Political correctness allowing the majority to be pushed around, lying and ‘pussy footing’ around important questions. Trump for all of his flaws at least doesn’t care about what he says. He says what he thinks (however bad his thoughts might be).

I will get called sexist for saying this (because people only read what they want to) but I am glad that Hillary is not the first female president. If this criminal who is also a compulsive liar had been the first female president it would have meant that no woman would be allowed in the presidents chair for a hundred years. She would have ended up embarrassing women everywhere, and especially embarrassed women in power.

Reading the news, outlets discuss how Trump has never been involved in politics or is a ‘political outsider’ how is this relevant. People who take up being a politician should simply want to stand for something, some set of beliefs, this is what should make them qualified (if the public votes them in) not how many years they have been standing in the shadow of some other politician.

People this side of the pond discussed how Hillary would have been the ‘lesser’ of two evils. Why not send that whole idea to hell and not let there be only two people that are ‘evil’ onto the ballots?

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