My question to anyone who riots in this modern day US is why?

Americans are so patriotic… why?

Americans live in a FREE country… really?

Americans always boast this point, that they live in a free country, we all know that this is a load of crap.

Freedom of speech in america is only a licence to get sued.

The police in america shoot people because that is all that they have been taught, they don’t get training on how to subdue a person without lethal force. Which is a serious problem, the solution to which is not going out and endangering the lived of more police officers with violent protest. The solution should be a peaceful one and should be talking to the powers that be rather that hurting working Americans.

Violence begets more violence.

America, train your police better, teach respect for police to the young (but know that this respect must be earned from the public).

STOP SHOOTING PEOPLE! Carry a taser gun.

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