The selfish doctors


Junior doctors strike action…

The junior doctors will soon have a worse public opinion than tube drivers. This is because when the tube drivers go on strike all that happens is that people are late to work. Junior doctors striking will cause deaths!

Yes, they have gone on strike before, but not for a 5 day stretch.

In the public sector people are given a hell of a lot more cushion than anyone in the private sector. Yet all we ever hear is people in the public sector complaining!

The amount of junior doctors that voted to support this strike action (which isn’t even what happened, they voted to reject the contracts) is less than half of all junior doctors. Yet they will tarnish the entire reputation of out NHS, our ‘world renowned’ NHS.

If these junior doctors had to go and work in another industry for just one week, working in shift environments, they would probably strike after the first day, all they are is selfish and pathetic people who work in better conditions than most other people. They are willing to hurt a large amount of people to line their pockets.

I hope that the deaths that occur directly due to under-staffing during this strike can be counted, and that it be the most published statistic for a long while afterwards so that the selfishness of these junior doctors can be highlighted.

My message to the junior doctors that support strike action is ‘grow-up’.

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