Trident Economics

I support Trident. I’m massively in favour of having the power to obliterate a significant portion of the world. 

But I find the reasons for supporting Trident that are espoused by some people, particularly those on the left, as thoroughly bizarre. 

“The construction and maintenance of Trident’s replacement will directly support more than 30,000 jobs… a failure to renew would lead to the “obliteration” of thousands of its members’ jobs…That is an economic catastrophe we cannot afford and one we cannot ask those communities to pay.” – Tom Watson – Guardian

I support Trident because it’s a safeguard against Russian and other aggression. I find it thoroughly bizarre to support a system capable of killing billions because it protects a few jobs. You may as well give those 30,000 people their lifetime earnings and save the rest if that’s your reasoning.

Be honest about the reason you support Trident. Because it anchors the USA in NATO and because it is the ultimate insurance policy.

Support Trident because it can destroy the world. Not because it keeps a few welders in work. 

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