Leadsom Projections

Andrea Leadsom is the favourite of some diehard Brexiteers to become Tory leader. 

Most of these are not members of the Tory party. They tend to be UKIP members, who much like Greens and SWP members enjoy telling Tories how to be true Tories. 

Andrea Leadsom is someone no one had heard of until a few months ago. She had a high profile campaign but other than that has no experience. 

Despite her complete lack of experience and obvious inability to become PM she has the support of otherwise sensible people. 

I fear this is projection. Not worried about her capability but just looking for someone who thinks the exact same as them. Not concerned with anything bar looking for someone who will deliver (she can’t) exactly what they want (she can’t). 

Leadsom vs. Corbyn would be an interesting battle to see just how many seats the LibDems can win. A May-Corbyn battle would give the Tories a 300 seat majority in the house. 

If you want the Tories to deliver on their manifesto promises. If you want the Tories to be able to win an election and leave the UK, there is only one sensible candidate. Leadsom cannot win. She’s not ready. She’s not capable. 

Stop using Leadsom as a projection board for your hopes and fears. Examine her as a potential PM, not as someone who will tell you what you want to hear on every topic. 

Leadsom isn’t capable. As leader of the Tories or as PM. 

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