Traitors in Our Midst

I am reliably informed that if we were to see a Remainer as our next PM they would instantly laugh at the people who voted to leave, refuse to ever implement Article 50 and demand Jean-Claude Juncker immediately travel to the UK to take his place as our rightful lord.

Of course this is ridiculous. Every candidate for the leadership of the conservative party has said they will respect the will of the voters and leave the EU. There will undoubtedly be different flavours of leaving shown by the nominees from EEA (including Free Movement) to a WTO deal with the EU. All are however committed to us leaving the EU. There is no conspiracy. Theresa May will bring us out of the EU, as will Andrea Leadsom, as will Stephen Crabb and Michael Gove. Even Disgraced former Cabinet Minister Liam Fox would have us leave the EU.

Whatever the result I trust the next PM to lead us out of the EU according to their platform, but each platform will be for us to leave the EU. It is ridiculous to say that because Crabb and May were on the Remain side of the campaign they would subvert the will of the people and keep us in the EU.

Politicians are by and large decent people. We should remember that.

There is also an important point to make that the votes of the 48% do matter despite being on the losing side. A deal to take us out of the EU must take into account those who voted to remain. They did so for decent reasons. They are just as patriotic and decent as people who voted to leave. Despite being on the losing side their votes still count. They are still part of the UK. They deserve the same representation that I, as a leave voter, receive.

That shouldn’t be something which needs to be said.

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