Brexit Continued


My main question at the moment is what kind of person do we want negotiating for our Brexit.

I have heard rumors of a previous Prime Minister perhaps being a good candidate, and in all honesty I believe he could be. I also believe that a certain male candidate for leader of the Tories would be a good candidate to head the negotiations.

Whoever it is that leads negotiations what I want is for the discussions to be transparent. a word that the EU hates. The EU will not want the public knowing what kind of lobbying is happening in Brussels behind closed doors to ensure that big business gets the best out of Brexit rather than the UK citizens. Nether the less this is what I believe is paramount

So… the pound is down. What does this mean to the rest of the world? Apart from the obvious import benefits for them and our export benefits.

Surely the Germans must be over producing their cars to ship out to the US ASAP?

The Euro and Sterling have lost value in the last few days against the Dollar. More importantly for the USA in this instance is that the Euro is a currency that historically rallies quickly and when it does the US stock market starts to decline quite quickly.

Whatever happens over the next few days I really do hope that Scotland stops this talk of a new independence referendum. The main argument I hear from them is that the Scottish people voted to remain. NO. A large amount of people who live in Scotland that still remains in the UK voted to remain. Now on top of that argument I hear that politicians are talking about their independence vote and how the remain side at that point wanted to make it clear that Scotland’s position in the EU would be secured. I feel like politicians are insulting the intelligence of the Scots when they say things like that.


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