Leaving the EU


I am reading statements from leaders all over Europe, and hearing people in this country saying the following. ‘I have lost my European citizenship’ or something along those lines.

Since when did people (not just British) lose their national pride.

The Scots will say they want to remain part of the EU. Can we please look back at their own referendum. The Scots voted to remain as part of the United Kingdom, I was happy with this result as I did not think it was in Scotland’s best interest to leave. However, if they had been successful they would have been out of the as it is the UK that is part of the union not the individual states that make up the UK. Why is Scotland so overly presumptuous that they will be allowed to stay? Do they even meet the criteria for a member state?

I wonder why people have so little trust in the UK as a whole. Why do people think that the world is going to just shut us out?

A second referendum will be an insult to the entire voting population. I don’t believe you can complain about the outcome after the fact and then start to hand pick demographics that heavily voted to strengthen your argument. David Cameron yesterday said that he does not believe there should be a second referendum and he is right. Cameron stated that the house had already voted on whether or not younger people should be able to vote and the vote was nay.

For my vote I will be called a racist. Why? I don’t want to stop the flow of people coming here, i just don’t want people to come here without a job. I know there are so many talented people (not British) here and I want them to stay, I don’t want them to feel unwelcome. When I voted I knew I wasn’t voting for the campaign slogans. I was voting for the government to regain the right to govern again.


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