I am a young person that lives in London. Recently as you will be aware there was a significant vote in the UK. Should we stay in the EU or should we Brexit.

My view was in the majority. I voted to leave the EU. Since doing this I have received a large amount of abuse for my decision.

I voted to leave. Not because I am a racist. Not because I am a xenophobe.
I voted to leave because I am proud to be British. I believe that we have enough intelligence to decide on all of our laws. I believe we have the know-how to remain the 5th largest economy in the world, and improve on that. I believe that we are a great country and one that should never let the EU be in control of any part of our great country.

Since we voted, the remain side has gone on the offensive acting like the outcome was unfair and that it is the end of the world.

On Friday, I woke up, went to work, and went home. Just as I did the day before and the day before that. The world did not end. We are still in the EU. All that happened is the majority has told the government that we would like to leave.

We now have Sturgeon standing up and saying that Scotland will not stand for this… She is an opportunist who does not respect democratic process. Scotland voted to remain part of the UK. This decision was made by the majority, which means that whatever the UK has done and will do from that point on are the decisions that Scotland will have to live with. We have now voted that we would like to leave the EU, she should not and cannot expect a second referendum on their independence and should not think that she has any power to influence what will come.

I have seen on Facebook, events for a march against Brexit. Do these people not realise that the majority voted to leave? this means that most people that voted would not like to remain in the EU. Just because you didn’t get your way you are now acting like children. Grow Up.

I voted to leave. I am young. I am ashamed of everyone who is insulting people for their political views. I am ashamed that people have so little faith in the majority, I am ashamed that people have so little faith in the UK.

Be proud to be here, be proud to be British and most of all, be proud that we are brave enough to leave the EU.

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